Please let us know if you are interested in taking part in our research!

Children who

  • Are between ages 4-12

  • Speak English as a primary language

  • Are right handed

  • Show typical reading development OR struggle with reading development

Adults who

  • Are monolingual English speakers OR bilingual French-English speakers

  • Are right handed

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Child participating in an EEG study

EEG Research

What is it like to participate?

EEG is measured by placing sensors on the scalp. In our lab, the sensors are attached to a special cap. To get a good connection between the sensor and your (or your child's) scalp, we will put a tiny bit of saline gel into each sensor. We use a blunt tip syringe to do this. This does not hurt in any way, but if you (or your child) feels uncomfortable, please let us know!

There will be gel on the hair and the scalp in some places, but it washes out easily and we provide towels, shampoo, and a hairdryer so that it can be washed out afterward.

During the study you will see pictures, hear words, or read words. The tasks are fairly simple and the exact task will be explained on the day of the study.

During the set up and session, please feel free to ask questions, and you may stop participating at any time if you wish to do so.

How can I prepare for my (or my child's) session?

It is important on the day of the study that you (or your child) has clean and dry hair. Dampness, hair products, and excess oils can can make it difficult to get good recordings.

If you (or your child) wear eyeglasses, please make sure to bring them with you on that day, as the tasks involve looking at a computer screen and either reading or viewing pictures.