Ongoing Projects

The dynamics of reading and language in the brain

Our research examines the neural basis of reading by evaluating the changes that undergo the neurocognitive language network over reading development. We use EEG to examine ERP responses during spoken language processing tasks that have important orthographic manipulations.

Language processing in those with reading difficulty

Our research investigates the neurocognitive underpinnings of reading difficulty, with a focus on deficits in phonological processing and representations.

Do bilinguals access both languages when they hear speech?

Along with my collaborator, Deanna Friesen (University of Western Ontario), we are investigating how bilinguals access their L2 representations when processing their L1 using ERPs. Please see our recent publication on this line of research, here.

Collaborative research

Richard Kruk (University of Manitoba) and I are investigating language and visual attention as they relate to reading development in both monolingual and bilingual children.

Stephen Smith, Sergio Camorlinga and I are investing emotion regulation in adults using EEG.

Michelle Bertrand, David Ireland, Richard Jochelson and I are investigating how juries make legal decisions and how this relates to reading.